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YES! We are hiring.

YES! We are hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply today!

Check out these vacancies before they close:


Animal Caretaker
JRM-20-406 | Closes Sep 16, 2020

Child and Youth Programs (CYP) School Liaison Officer
JRM-20-303 | Closes Sep 8, 2020

Computer Technician
JRM-20-461 | Closes Sep 16, 2020

Cook Leader
JRM-20-270 | Closes Sep 16, 2020

Financial Operations Manager
JRM-20-460 | Closes Sep 15, 2020

Human Resources Assistant
JRM-20-462 | Closes Sep 6, 2020

Installation Program Manager
JRM-20-363 | Closes Sep 8, 2020

Installation Program Manager (Fleet Readiness Director)
JRM-20-432 | Closes Sep 14, 2020

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For more information, contact the Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Human Resources office at 671-349-1155 or send an email to

The Department of the Navy is an equal opportunity employer.